RC3, Inc. v. Justin Bieber
United States District Court, Middle District of Florida
Case No. 3:2012cv00193, Filed on February 24, 2012

This cause of action for declaratory judgment arose after RC3, Inc., received a cease-and-desist letter from counsel for pop-star Justin Bieber regarding a mobile game which Bieber claimed infringed on his copyrights, trademarks, and various other intellectual property rights.  The game in question, Joustin Beaver, portrayed a beaver that need to navigate a river, fight off “Phot-hogs” and signed “Otter-graphs”.  In response to RC3’s complaint, Bieber moved for dismissal claiming lack of personal jurisdiction as well as failure to state a claim.  On September 17, 2013, the Court granted the motion for dismissal, on the grounds that there was no personal jurisdiction.  The Court’s order gave RC3 until October 15, 2012 to file a Second Amended Complaint.  However, as of October 26, 2012, RC3 had not filed an amended complaint and the Court dismissed the case and ordered the case closed.
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