An order was issued by a district court judge in the Northern District of California on May 30, 2013, dismissing the case with prejudice after the parties came to an outside settlement.  Pecover and Owens v. Electronic Arts, Inc. was a class action suit initially filed claiming that EA had a monopoly on all football games due to its exclusive licenses with the NFL, NCAA, and Arena Football League (AFL).  The court's modification of the settlement's Plan of Allocation granted the lead class members $5,000, their attorneys received fees in the amount of $7.29 million, as well as a $2 million dollar reimbursement for costs.  Furthermore, the order granted class members who filed a valid claim form no later than May 15, 2013, the right to up to $162.96.  The settlement also stipulated that EA is unable to renew its NCAA and Collegiate Licensing Co. football licenses for a period of five years after their expiration in 2014.  EA is also barred from obtaining exclusive AFL licenses for a period of five years from the date of the order.  However, EA's exclusive license with the NFL—the basis of its massively successful Madden NFL series—was not affected.

A full copy of the order is available online.
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