The San Francisco Chronicle ran a nice article today about virtual law, including quotes from yours truly. The high point (at least in MY opinion):

But some attorneys set up virtual offices in the world as a kind of advertisement. Intellectual property specialists Banner & Witcoff did just that, and their virtual presence led to their attorney Ross Dannenberg representing one of the highest-profile virtual law cases so far.

Like the sex bed case, the Sailor's Cove case was not unlike many real-world disputes: It was an ownership conflict based on an alleged oral contract.

Dannenberg represented two users who assisted a virtual real estate developer in running a large group of islands in Second Life called Sailor's Cove. When the three parted ways, Dannenberg argued that the owner had previously made his two managers full partners and co-owners in the venture. But the owner of record claimed full ownership.

The case was settled out of court, with Dannenberg's clients receiving a financial settlement.

You can read the entire article here.

Please note, the facts of every case are different. Prior results don't guarantee future success.
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